Fuck Yes Ryan Stiles!

ONE WEEK to go! Attention Ryan Fans!  

Right guys, you all know that its a week today before I fly from the UK to Canada/Washington State to see Colin & Ryan on stage! Sooooooo, before I ‘leave on a jet plane!’ - I want you all to get to know the person behind the Ryananythingforalaughstiles tumblr blog!

In celebration of the fact that this page reached 200 followers last week AND that I will hopefully be meeting Ryan in the next 2 weeks, I am asking you all to send in your questions for me! You can send in anything and everything! From Whose Line/Ryan related questions such as “Which is your favourite Episode?” - to personal questions such as - “What is your dream job?” I will try to answer EVERYONES questions via a recorded sound bite! I will of course be mentioning your blog’s name too!

Now you are allowed to send in as many questions as you like… but do try to be kind ;) I just want you all to know who I am and that I wanted to be connected to you all via this brilliant man! <3

Questions in for Wednesday! The 6th of July!


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